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St Jude's C of E Junior School

St Jude's C of E Junior School

Learning and achieving together with God

Our Team

Meet the caring and dedicated members of St Jude's staff that we feel so lucky to have!

Leadership Team

  • Mrs V Chiverton

  • Mrs P Ashplant

  • Mrs E Stanton (currently on maternity leave)

Year 3 Teachers

  • Mrs H Young

  • Mrs S Womack

Year 4 Teachers

  • Mrs E Drew

  • Mrs S Culpin

  • Mrs K Brant

Year 5 Teachers

  • Mrs J Austin

  • Mrs E Johnson

  • Mrs M Kaila

  • Mrs B Salter

Year 6 Teachers

  • Mrs D Barnett

  • Miss D Cordell (currently on maternity leave)

  • Miss A Moxon


  • Miss R Martin

  • Miss E Bruce


Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs J Beer

  • Mrs A Wilkinson

  • Mrs H King

  • Mrs L Simpson

  • Mrs M Tickle

  • Mrs S Snow

  • Mrs H Carter

  • Mrs V Barbet

  • Mrs T Trend

  • Mrs N Kavia

  • Mrs C Mundell

Home School Link Workers

  • Mrs C Roulet

Office Staff

  • Mrs C Edney

  • Mrs K Hall

  • Mrs S Kavanagh

  • Mrs S Lee

  • Mr J Pearce-Robery

Lunchtime Staff

  • Mr M Gregory

  • Mrs J Waite

  • Mrs P Lawson

  • Mrs D Underwood

  • Mrs G McEwan

  • Mrs S Rayner

  • Mrs J Sines