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Curriculum Information

Education at St Jude’s respects and celebrates differences: inspired by the example of St Jude, our interactions are anchored in hope, compassion, perseverance, responsibility, respect and forgiveness. We appreciate God-given talent and potential and emphasise the personal worth and progress of each pupil. We prepare pupils for the next stage in their journey of life - educational, emotional and spiritual.

St Jude’s curriculum is broad, balanced and accessible to all learners.  We recognise the importance of a firm foundation in English and maths, coupled with building skills in other curriculum areas, enabling pupils to apply their acquired knowledge to solving problems. Literature is carefully selected to develop reading skills and vocabulary, enrich the wider curriculum and to promote the sheer love of reading. By interweaving discrete subjects through cross curricular topics, pupils are able to make meaningful and memorable links which deepen their learning.

Education at St Jude’s is engaging and offers relevant experiences. We believe that hard work leads to achievement and a greater sense of self-worth, fostering resilience and the courage to take risk. Enjoyment and high expectations are fundamental to developing good learning behaviours which are further developed through strong partnerships with parents.

With excellence in education at the core of our purpose, our reflective, dedicated team continually strives to ensure that every child is happy, well cared for and feels valued for their uniqueness.